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who we are

The importance of building community and ​uplifting queer culture

The Black Lesbian Linkup community is a dynamic assembly ​of black lesbian+ individuals who collectively embody the ​multifaceted richness of this identity. Our members form​ a mosaic of experiences, backgrounds, and stories, united b​y the shared journey of being both black and lesbian+. ​From seasoned advocates who've carved paths to those em​bracing their authentic selves, we encompass a diverse ​tapestry that reflects the beauty and strength of our communi​ty. This is a space where every narrative finds ​resonance and appreciation, fostering a sense of b​elonging that acknowledges the complexity and power of o​ur collect​ive identity.

"Fostering unity, igniting growth, and celebrating authenticity—our events are more than gatherings; they're threads that weave the vibrant fabric of our black lesbian community."

what We Do

Through curated events and heartfelt meetups, we foster connections that transcend the boundaries of place and time. These gatherings are more than mere occasions; they're vibrant celebrations of unity, understanding, and growth. As we gather to revel in the richness of our identities, we also create a nurturing environment where friendships are forged, connections are deepened, and a tapestry of shared experiences is woven. This is a space where black lesbian parents find guidance, individuals find kindred spirits, and everyone finds a community that uplifts, supports, and empowers.

By curating a diverse array of thoughtfully designed experiences, offering empathetic parental advice, fostering authentic connections, and fostering a sense of belonging through open-hearted conversations, engaging activities, and shared laughter. Together, we co-create a space where the genuine magic of the black lesbian community can flourish.

Why this is important

"United in celebration, we empower through events and connections within the Black Lesbian Linkup community."

Because we believe in the power of empowerment, knowing that when black lesbians come together, incredible things happen. We strive to uplift and inspire, offering a sanctuary where individuals can feel genuinely seen, valued, and loved. Our purpose is to create a supportive network that cultivates personal growth, forges lifelong friendships, and provides a platform for black lesbian parents to share their experiences and find guidance.

Where we meet

Hosting captivating events and heartfelt meetups across multiple cities in the US, bringing the spirit of unity and joy to every gathering. Regularly organizing a rich tapestry of events, intimate gatherings, and upscale soirées throughout the year, ensuring there's always an opportunity to connect, learn, and embrace life's beautiful moments.

Upcoming Events

NYC Pride Wine Tasting

Brooklyn, NY 6/28/24

Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary:

All White WNBA All-Star Bash

Phoenix, AZ 7/20/24

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Current Locations:

Meet us at NYC pride 6/28-6/30

NYC Pride Parade 6.30.24 10am

Interested in walking with us in the NYC pride ​parade? Each individual will receive full access to the ​parade and a t-shirt to represent BLLU.

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